We support members who gather monthly in small groups around the country.



The team at the nantucket project makes and sends you a short film about big topics for your group to watch together.



People put down their phones, watch the films, and really talk.



how does it work?



the host sets a date and invites people.  

old and young, co-workers and college friends, neighbors and partners. 


we send an exclusive Ideafilm made with curiosity and love.

the films are based on ideas we explore every year at the nantucket project


you gather in a living room, get comfortable, and watch together.

some hosts serve snacks and drinks.


you never know who you're sitting next to. listen, learn, and share.

people talk about the films, or it sparks a new conversation. 


you leave challenged and inspired. set a date to do it again.

feel a little bit better than you did when you woke up in the morning.